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She'd had enough.

She'd been parked several doors down from his house since she left The Waymor: a jazz club where the mesmerizing sounds of: Marvin, Lucky, Kenny and Perry - the men behind the music - stirs passion, shake convictions and blows a familiar tune of betrayal and deception. Take a few steps down the stairs towards the laughter, smoke-filled room and "feel good" jazz. Meet Shirley, Crystal, Mary and Emily at The Waymor. Find out why friends and desires collide; what really matters in their lives and how far will they go to win at this crazy game we call love. Will they be triumphant? Will it end in tragedy? Or will they experience a roller coaster ride of emotions, events and drama that will change their lives forever?

Will Smith I is a long time Philadelphia resident and a key figure in the Philly Jazz scene. Now a retired successful business man, he has his own music label, Philly Through My Ear. He also participates in a number of philanthropic charities & events. Tony Smith is a retired educator and lifelong musician in the Philadelphia tri-state area. Together they penned The Waymor, where they guarantee that you will get way more than you bargained for!

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The Waymor Book